Back Link Profile

As we all should know by now, backlinks are one of the most important factors that determine rankings in the search results. It’s just like in real life – the more connections you have the more likely you are to succeed. But like human relationships, these links from other websites are not all equal.

Backlinks from higher profile websites offer a huge advantage over sites from your sisters webpage.

Authority Backlinks as they are known carry much more “link juice" with them both TO your site and FROM your site. From my site ?? How is that ? Google checks for sites that offer more then just incoming links. So by linking back out to authority sites it shows you are part of the “neighborhood" and relevant links go both ways.

Low Authority Backlinks.. Those are from sites that are not viewed as a heavyweight in the web world. Smaller less powerful sites, yet these too have their much needed place. They provide a chance to also get relevance to your website, they allow you to target much smaller segments of key web visitors and yes they still count as a backlink.

The Back Link Profile provides a structure or order of where your site is in the world wide web, Sites linking to you on shared content, article links back on a subject, social media share or discussion of your information and idea. ALL of these are part of a GOOD HEALTHY BACKLINK PROFILE !

Not every site will just have 100 high quality links back to it, there will be people and website of ALL levels and ranges that want to link to the information.

Use a back link profile to your advantage, keep it clean, no spam or junk, no porn or gambling, unless those are your subject matter and most of all do not spam links with no relevance or anything to offer your site on the website"s topics.