Blog commenting

Blog Commenting for SEO in 2014 the key is RELEVANT Comments

It’s true that a single blog comment isn’t likely to boost your rankings in any of the major search engines. Having said that, there is an argument for strength in numbers here – hundreds or even thousands of comments can easily add up over time.

Blog commenting can bring far greater rewards than just a few relatively insignificant backlinks, and this is where your efforts can really start to pay off. One of the most obvious benefits is increased traffic to your own site from people reading your comments and wanting to hear more from you. This can only be a good thing, and this alone is likely to be more beneficial than that single extra backlink.

Ensure your comments are relevant and that you’re actually adding something to the discussion. Otherwise many users simply disregard them as “spammy". We have all seen it. We are reading along in a blog only to see comments about something that is totally off subject.

Keeping RELEVANT comments going can be highly effective for ranking websites. You can get thousands of quality relevant comment links for your site and it will only skyrocket your rankings over time.