Press Releases (Google has reduced the link value of these but they STILL WORK)

Companies now have many ways to reach their primary audiences: blogs, social media, email newsletters, webinars, and more. PR and marketing leaders know that their job titles today should include “publisher," since they now own multiple platforms from which they can communicate directly with key constituencies.

Google came right out and told webmasters and SEO experts that they are cutting back on the authority given to over optimized anchor texts.  In other words they are devaluing press releases. BUT.. they have not and will not ever do it.

Here is why .  News is just that news, Google thrives on news and recent releases of information PERIOD. So while they may try to update one search or another they ALWAYS depend on news and releases of news.

Fresh relevant stories or articles will always feed the Google machine.  So they reign in their value they place on them for web ranking they will always hold backlink value and relevance on subject matter. As long as the release is not overly optimized Google will not consider it a “worthless" page or link.

Let"s just say the word on the street that " Press Releases Are DEAD" is quite the overstatement, but I prefer it that way. So while other SEO"s are not using them to build webrank and relevance we are and doing it highly effectively !