Social Media signals across several platforms

Active social media profiles drive high quality website traffic

The majority of links that are built by SEO companies do not bring traffic to your website. They are built to pass page rank to your site, which in return helps to increase the authority and power of your site, but as far as a traffic source it doesn’t do much. Sure, when done correctly in the form of guest blogging it can be a great traffic source, but we are talking about the majority of companies that just spread links all over in “hope” of improving rankings.
Social media drives REAL traffic to your website – traffic that is high quality! If someone is engaging with your company or brand on social media then there is an obvious connection or interest. These are the type of visitors that eventually turn into customers.

Social is for sharing. People love to share quality information, funny videos, silly photos and so forth. Embrace the idea that people will share your material. Often times people purposefully put out share-able material. Think shared recipes, people love to share a favorite item, food , drink, t-shirt.. You name it they want to share it. If it is your link going back through those shares you are getting 100"s if not thousands of shared links and social signals. YIPPEE ! That is exactly what you want. Free links, all powering your website higher and higher.

Steer Clear of Google penalties
It is no secret that Google looks down on aggressive link building done to game the search algorithm. They are constantly releasing updates and refreshes to remove low quality listings. Using social media together with your content marketing helps you build real, natural links that the search engines love and reward accordingly.
When it comes down to it, SEO results are responsible for a large percentage of a website’s traffic, so you need to use every opportunity available to improve those rankings. Social media is a great way to help enhance your search engine optimization. The days of shortcuts and low quality SEO are over, so make sure you position yourself for long term success, and that involves getting social.

Social media allows you to spread your online brand much faster

The old school link building tactics involved getting your links anywhere, even if those sites had little to no activity. Social media allows you to put your website and brand directly in front of potential customers. Produce good quality content and share it across social media and watch others interact and share it as well. Use it , make it part of your ranking strategy today.

We can do that for you with social shares across several platforms providing you a great social signal that Google can find and track back giving your website credit and a boost in the rankings!